G'day, lovebirds! Planning a wedding can be as thrilling as it is hectic. Amidst the whirlwind of details and decisions, one crucial step is to let your guests know about the big day. After all, you want the whole crew to join in the celebration, right? To make sure they have plenty of notice, sending out save the dates is the way to go.

Why send a save the date? Save the dates are like unleashing a kangaroo with a megaphone, announcing your upcoming nuptials to your guests. They provide the essential deets – who, what, where, and when – so your friends and family can plan ahead and make necessary arrangements. Skipping save the dates might lead to fewer RSVPs, as guests might struggle with work commitments, travel, or childcare. For short engagements, wedding invitations might suffice. But if you have a few months up your sleeve, save the dates are a must.

Your save the date wording is like a fabulous cocktail – it needs the right mix of essentials and a splash of personal flair. Shake it up with some key ingredients and a twist of creativity for a concoction that's uniquely you! Cheers to that!

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The Party Roster

Save the dates are exclusive to your confirmed guest list. Sending them to people who won't be invited is like throwing a shrimp on the barbie but not offering them a bite – simply not done.


Timing is key

Sending save the dates too early may result in guests forgetting your wedding date (we don't want that!). On the other hand, sending them too late leaves your guests scrambling for arrangements. For destination weddings, aim for 8 - 12 months in advance, while 4 to 6 months should suffice for local celebrations.


Design Time

Save the dates don't have to match your wedding theme perfectly. Focus on having fun with the design, experimenting with colours, fonts, and photos that showcase your unique love story.


Say my name, Say my name

Name game time! Pop your full names or just your first names on the save the date, whatever tickles your fancy. The bride's name taking the lead is so last season - feel free to jumble it up or play with the order in any way that makes your hearts sing. After all, love is all about embracing each other's uniqueness!


The Wedding Day & Date

The main event of your save the date: the date itself! Make it pop, make it shine, and make it unmissable - after all, it's the star of the show! So, go on and let your wedding date take centre stage on your save the date card.

Also, we recommend adding the Day of the Wedding, especially if it's being held on a non-traditional day such as Friday or Sunday.


The Location

Mention the general location, such as city and state. No need to disclose the exact venue yet. This is especially helpful for out-of-town guests who might like to book accommodation early.


Wedding Website

If you have a wedding website, share the URL so guests can find out more information especially if you're having a destination wedding. Guests will want to research accommodation and travel ASAP, and your wedding website is the perfect place for this extra information.


Formal Invite to Follow

Include phrases like “formal invitation to follow” to let guests know that more details are on the way. Why not cheeky phrases like “Hold your horses, the formal invite is on its way!” to let guests know that more juicy details will be provided closer to the wedding date. This light-hearted touch keeps the anticipation high and adds a sprinkle of fun to your save the date.

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Ready, Set, Send!

Creating unique save the date cards should be a fun and stress free part of wedding planning, and we hope these tips help ease the mental load just a touch.

March 26, 2023 — Danielle Evans

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