Templett Frequently Asked Questions

Before Purchase

Can I try out the design before purchasing?

You sure can! Each design as a Demo URL link within it's description for you to try the design free before you buy

Can I use a phone or tablet to edit?

Sorry! You'll need to have access to a PC or Laptop to edit your designs. We will be adding mobile editing in the very near future

After Purchase

I think I already have a Templett account

Great! Just head to www.templett.com/design and log on with your previous log on details, and your order should be ready and waiting for you. If not, shoot us an email at hem hello@thesundaecreative.com.au so we can investigate

I didn't get an email from Templett

The Templett emails can take up to 10mins, but if it's well passed this timeframe we urge you to check your junk filter.

Do you have an order confirmation email from us? If not, you may have entered your email incorrectly at checkout. Send us an email at hem hello@thesundaecreative.com.au so we can investigate

Editing Questions

Can I add my own images/photos?

You sure can!

Can I change the size of the design?

Unfortunately no, the size is set. If you need a slight size tweak for your print shop - please email us at hem hello@thesundaecreative.com.au

Oops! I accidentally deleted my design

Don't stress! It's an easy fix, and we can get it back for you. Just shoot us an email at hem hello@thesundaecreative.com.au

How do I change the background colour?

Ah! It's in a tricky spot. You'll find the layers panel on the right hand side of your Templett design space. At the bottom of all your layers you will see the Background Colour layer, click that and you'll be able to edit the colour from the top toolbar

Downloading your designs

Can I print 2 cards per page?

You sure can! Just download as PDF, select "Save Paper" and your paper size.

I'm getting the green loading bar of death

Design not saving or loading, and seems like the green bar is stuck? Sign in and out of Templett. If that doesn't help, check to ensure your browser is up-to-date. If all else fails, email us at hem hello@thesundaecreative.com.au and we can take a look

Still have questions? We'd love to help!