I hope the following information is helpful when deciding how to word your invitations. We find our couples are moving towards a more casual approach to their invite wording, but we've included a few formal options for you to consider also. Everything you see here is simply a guide, and you're free to put your own personal twist on your invitations. If you aren't sure, please just get in contact with me and I can give you some hints and tips.


Normally, the bride goes first in the invitation. But if the balance isn't right, it's fine to switch it up. Depending on the style of your invitation, you might like to have first names only. But, if you're having a more formal affair, you might choose to go with your full names.


It's important to state the day of the week, especially when the wedding day is not falling on a Saturday (as your guest may assume). You are welcome to have just the date in numbers, or written out in full text. 


If you're having your guest SMS or Email you with their RSVP, you could omit this card entirely and have that information at the bottom of your invitation to save on printing costs - we recommend this option! If you do opt for a RSVP card, it will need to have a date advising when your guests should reply by.


Dress codes aren't required, but it will certainly give your guests a helping hand in organising what to wear. It can also be helpful to note if the wedding it outdoors or in a grassy area.

Black tie · Semi-formal
Lounge Suit · Cocktail
Smart Casual · Casual



Together with their parents
Sophia Devine
Matthew Johnson

request the pleasure your company to celebrate their marriage

on Saturday the sixteenth of October Two thousand and twenty-one
at four o’clock in the afternoon

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Randwick

Reception to follow
at six o’clock in the evening

The Argyle, The Rocks Sydney

Kindly RSVP by 25th September, 2010

Dress Formal


Other hosting options

Hannah & Julian, invite you to celebrate their Wedding

Janet & Luke Ryan, along with Lucy & Mark Evans, invite you to celebrate the marriage of their Children, Hannah & Julian

Together with their families, Hannah & Julian, Invite you to celebrate their marriage


Other Date Examples

Saturday 16 October 2021
Saturday the 16th of October 2021


Other closing statements

Dinner & Dancing to follow

Cocktail reception to follow


Other RSVP examples...

Kindly respond/reply by
The favour of a response/reply is requested by
Répondez s’il vous plaît